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Welcome to Eooro, we help business owners collect and promote customer reviews.

After the Free Trial its only $20 per month.


  1. Collect Reviews Directly from Customers with our App
  2. Invite Customers to Write Reviews Via Email
  3. Display Reviews on your Website
  4. Reviews on Page 1 of Google
  5. Build Trust & Boost Sales



We help business owners collect customer reviews and display them on their website.

Eooro is also one of the most affordable review platforms in the world.

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Collect Reviews Directly From Customers

Our easy to use Review Collector App is the solution to collecting more reviews than previously possible.

With the app on your phone or tablet you can collect on the spot reviews straight from a customer, client or patient.

Install the app on your employee’s devices and get them involved with collecting reviews too.

Out review collector app is a game changer in the review world, with it, you are going to be able to collect around 4 times more reviews that you could with any other platform.

Never again will you miss the chance to get a review.

Collect Reviews Directly From Customers

Collect Customer Reviews via Email.

Our app is perfect for those businesses that do meet their customers, but what if you don’t, well then the only other option is to ask customers for reviews via email.

Our Emailer service allows you to do exactly that, upload a customers name and email address and let us do the chasing for you.

When you submit a customer’s details we will send a total of 3 emails (3 days apart) to the customer asking for them to write a review for your business.

All invites can be tracked, so you can see who wrote a review and who did not.

Collect Customer Reviews via Email

Display Reviews On Your Website

Display the reviews on your website with our Website Widgets.

Showing reviews to your site visitors (potential customers) is a fantastic way to build trust for your business and the product or service you sell and it helps people make quick purchasing decisions.

It also demonstrates that you are trustworthy and that you take your reputation seriously.

Display Reviews On Your Website

Post Reviews To Social Media

It is important that your reviews are posted and shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Posting reviews not only keep your existing followers engaged, but it also helps build social signals that indicate your business is current and active.

Our Social Media Tool can be used to connect Eooro with your social media accounts and you can choose to let Eooro post reviews automatically for you as you collect them or you can do it manually with one click.

Post Reviews To Social Media

See Reviews In Search Results

Your Eooro reviews will begin to appear on Page 1 of Google in approx. 3-8 weeks, they will shortly after also begin appearing in your Google Business Listing under “Reviews from the Web”.

Over 70% of people look for reviews about a product or service before they buy, therefore, its very important that your potential customers easily find see your Eooro reviews.

See Reviews In Search Results

Reviews Build Trust & Boost Sales

Collecting and displaying past customer reviews is a great way to build trust with potential new customers that do not know your business.

Reviews from your past customer will prove to be the best sales tool for your business.

People are more likely to buy from you when they see lots of good reviews from previous customers.

Reviews Build Trust & Boost Sales